Green Ceremonial Mitred Neck Ribbon Collarette



Green Ceremonial Neck Ribbon for Chains of Office and Official Jewels and Insignias, Dress Collar, Ribbon Collarette, President and Mayor Official Civic Chain Ribbons for Official Regalia

This ribbon is a Green and holds our 40mm Medal Name Bars, Sliders with Bar Back or Pin Back

Width of this ribbon approximately 38mm Quality Mitred Ribbon with Fixed Swivel connector

The first ribbon is 38cm from the back of the neck where it attaches all the way down to the catch for the jewel. It is a total of 76cm (30″) £44.95

The second length we do is 54cm each side with a total length of 108cm 42.5″ £49.95

Choose Ribbon Size

76cm, 108cm


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