Here at Wessex Trophies, we are very proud to offer a wide selection of bespoke engraving services. Our engraving team is led by an engraver with over a decade’s experience in education and instruction of his unique methods. The quality of our work is world-class, and arguably the best in the UK with our legion of 5 engraving machines at our disposal. With over 40 years’ experience in retail, we can offer support and advice whether the award is for your local sports day or for Lewis Hamilton and Sir Tom Moore, there is no such thing as a stupid question and we only accept the best quality of service for our customers.

Our Services:

Don’t know your lingo? No problem! Here is a glossary of terms you may need to know. Our site was carefully designed to be jargon free and through our use of plain English dropdown menus for each product and simple text boxes and artwork upload buttons, your ideal gift is just a few clicks away.

Traditional Annual Engraving:

Annual engraving is often used to add an entry to a trophy or award as a record of achievement: for example, ‘2021 John Smith’. We engrave onto shields, cups and Bakelite bases with white infill.

Engraved Personalised Plaques:


Personalised plaques are small strips of metal, usually aluminium, which can be either traditionally engraved, where a diamond cuts into the metal to show text, or sublimated, where a heat press prints your desired text or image onto a plaque.

*Unless specifically requested for larger orders, the traditionally engraved plaques will be supplied with your order, as they are of a higher quality. Be aware! Other sites often use sublimation plaques to keep their costs down.

Personalised Sublimation Plaques:

For a really special gift we can replicate your coloured images and designs onto our high quality brushed gold or silver metal plaque mounted onto a finished self-standing wooden backing. These completely unique and bespoke gifts offer both value for money and a gift which shows that considerable thought and care has been taken.

Personalised Centres:


The ability to replicate and display your club, company or school logos onto your awards provides the personal touch needed at an awards ceremony. Here at Wessex Trophies, we understand the power of branding and identity: we never charge an artwork fee if you provide us with a quality image for us to work with: please provide the image as either a .jpg, .ai, .png, .pdf or any vector format. Many of our awards can take a 1″ centre, however, rosettes take a 2″ centre; these can be either generic or personalised centres. Very few websites offer this service free of charge – we do this because we believe that all gifts should feel special to the recipient.

Glass Engraving:

The most expensive type of engraving we offer; but also the most striking. This involves great technical skill and patience, where a special engraving machine cuts into crystal or glass hundreds of small incisions, which when placed together create the finished image and/or text. We are able to replicate your logo onto the glass if you supply a high quality vector image. Our website allows you to upload logos. We only engraving glass that has been supplied by us

Brass Engraving:

Here at Wessex Trophies, we offer a fantastic variety of brass plaques in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses for both interior and exterior use. Our brass plaques can be provided with pre-drilled holes or black infill from a competitive £2.50 only, depending on the size of the plaque. Our brass is only of the highest quality and is polished free of charge. Our brass is beautiful and stands out from the rest.

Brass Sizes We Provide:

We are very lucky here at Wessex Trophies that we have our own varga saw and beveller which enables us to cut brass to whatever size you require. 

Should you require the brass to be mounted onto internal or external quality wooden backing these do come in different sizes. Just let us know what you require and we will come straight back to you with a quotation.

We also provide Memorial Stakes in both metal and wood and again can provide sizes and a quotation just text us @ enq@wessextrophies.co.uk

Plastic Signs:

We are proud to supply plastic signs in all shapes and sizes. We are able to cut the material to a size to fit your requirements. The plastic (traffolytte) comes in a variety of colours with different cores, so when engraved the internal colour shows through:

Black with Gold Text

Black with White Text

Red with White Text

White with Black Text

Grey with White Text

Blue with White Text

Brushed Gold with Black Text