Here at Wessex Trophies we have a huge range of glass and pewter tankards in many styles and designs, perfect for both men and women; or they can also be unisex. Our tankards can come with an optional silk-lined presentation box, making the unboxing process very exciting for the recipient; and if the event if photographed, it will allow for very attractive photos of the tankard to be taken, helping promote your event, celebration or organisation in a good light on social media and in the press.

Tankards are the perfect gift for all recipients whether they are a team or an individual; and they come with optional engraving. We only sell high quality tankards from reputable suppliers, guaranteeing the quality and importance of the award is reflected at your party or event; and it will be an make an excellent souvenier for your recipient, that can withstand extensive use afterwards. Whether you wish to present an award at a corporate event, club event or private gathering, we’ve got you covered!

What Tankards Do We Have On Offer?

Here at Wessex Trophies we offer tankards in many styles and designs, both in pewter and glass, which are perfect for many different events, with prices ranging from budget to high-end, so we are able to work with you irregardless of your needs. Many of our tankards are made in the UK and they are all produced by reputable suppliers. All our gifts come with detailed descriptions telling you the honest reasons for buying each award, as well as advice on which types of venue, event or recipients each award would best be suited for. If you are confused about absolutely anything, you can always email us or phone us monday to friday, 9am-5pm – our details can be found on our contact us page.

Why Should You Buy Tankards From Wessex Trophies?

Wessex Trophies was established in 2008 and in this time we have dealt with thousands of customers, all with unique needs. This has taught us valuable lessons about the industry and this allows us to help you, from experience, plan your order and event to provide the best tankards in our range tailored your event. We are led by a passionate team of experts, including a designer, a project manager with decades of freelance experience, and a master craftsman who checks every tankard sent out to guarantee the quality meets our high standards, everytime.

What Are Good Reasons To Buy Tankards?

Tankards are wonderful and versatile awards perfect for many occasions such as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts or retirement gifts. They are generic and gender neutral for many designs, whilst feeling intensely personal – everybody would be happy to receive a personalised tankard. They are a popular gift, whilst feeling unique and thoughtful at the same time, which is the perfect, safe combination ideal for any recipient you care about. They are obviously a wonderful gift if your recipient loves to drink beer!

Should you have any further questions or wish to find out any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our help menu which is full of useful links and guidance.