Can You Engrave Over Engraving?

There are a plethora of awards which can be given to honour achievement in the sporting, corporate or academic worlds. For awards which are reused, or awarded to various people or teams on an annual basis, it may be tempting to try to engrave over the engraving of previous entries so the award appears to be new; or in rare cases to correct a mistake.

Hiding Incorrect Engravings

Here at Wessex Trophies, we understand how upsetting it would be to receive or have to present incorrect engraving on your award (particularly personal if it is someone’s name).  Our retail outlet is flooded with people in this same position who have not bought from reputable company, sometimes spending hundreds of pounds only to be told to buy a new award! In contrast, our engraving service is highly vetted and we are members of the guild of master craftsmen, allowing us to display the royal crest.

Engraving Over Engraving

Our friendly staff are here to help should the worst occur and we will ensure that should we decide to attempt to repair your award’s engraving, by hiding incorrect engraving, rather than replace the award, we will do so to the highest possible standard, as per our reputation in the industry. We will never recommend engraving over engraving in most situations, however, please read below our explanations based on the different types of awards we supply and repair if you are interested in using our service:

  1. Engraving plaque displays incorrect wording – this is the simplest situation to rectify as the award itself has not been engraved, rather a strip of metal has been stuck onto the award and that is what is engraved. We can affordably produce a new plaque, cut it to shape and replace the old plaque; this is our recommended course of action.
  2. For larger sublimation plaques, it is necessary for the whole award to be replaced as the text or image is printed onto the metal plate and cannot be reprinted.
  3. For brass plaques, in certain situations (such as one letter being incorrect) we may attempt to re-engrave the plaque, however, in most cases it will unfortunately need to be replaced.
  4. For annual shields we do regularly add new mini shields in older dates which may have been missed in the past, so we are more flexible with the order and arrangement of the plaque. However, if we need to go over a line which has already been engraved, this will not be possible and we will have to unfortunately replace the mini shield. We hold large amounts of stock of these components so this should be quick, affordable and effortless for you.
  5. For plastic signs, we offer a range of small and larger plastic signs, these unfortunately cannot be reengraved and so will need to be replaced.
  6. If the engraving is onto a trophy cup, we can work with our silversmith to have this repaired and we will reengrave on top. Quotations are available once we have seen the cup.

If you have any questions about your award and how to progress with correcting a mistake, please do contact us and we will be perfectly happy to talk through your options via email, text or over the phone.

Engraving Over Engraving