Trophy Shields

Whether you prefer to call them trophy shields, presentation shields or something else. Here at Wessex Trophies we have a massive range of trophy shields for all events and occaions; price brackets and recipients. We can provide mini shields for annual engravings to stick onto old shields and we can provide the shields themselves in many sizes, styles and designs for any event or occasion, irregardless of whether you are a club, school, organisation or anything else. Whatever your presentation shield needs, we’ve got you covered!

What Trophy Shields Do We Have On Offer?

Here at Wessex Trophies we offer trophy shields in almost every conceivable design, our most popular are tudor shields and rectangular shields. Many items in our range our handmade in the UK using wood grown in the UK, which helps support both local business but also the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. All our awards come with detailed descriptions telling you the honest reasons for buying each award, as well as advice on which types of venue and event each award would best be suited. If you are confused about absolutely anything, you can always email us or phone us monday to friday, 9am-5pm – our details can be found on our contact us page.

Why Should You Buy Trophy Shields From Wessex Trophies?

Wessex Trophies was established in 2008 and in this time we have dealt with thousands of customers, all with unique needs. This has taught us valuable lessons about the industry and allows us to help you, from experience, plan the best trophy shield for your event. We are led by a passionate team, including a designer, a project manager with decades of freelance experience, and a master craftsman who checks every engraved award sent out to guarantee the quality meets our high standards, everytime.

What Are Good Reasons To Buy Trophy Shields?

Presentation shields are wonderful and versatile awards, perfect for almost any event. They are generic and gender neutral, whilst feeling intensely personal – everybody would be happy to receive a trophy shield. They are long-lasting, many being able to store decades of history, bringing pride to your event, team and school or club. They are instantly recognisable as a prestigious award through the tradition of awarding them annually, and they always draw attention in any trophy cabinet or on any shelf. There are certain situations where a different type of award may be more suitable, and if you are confused what is best for your needs, you can always send us an email or talk to us over the phone for advice. Because trophy shields come in so many different sizes, styles, colours and materials there will be a presentation shield to meet all requirements and budgets.


Should you have any further questions or wish to find out any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our help menu which is full of useful links and guidance.