Staffordshire Silver Plated Trophy Cup In 5 Sizes: Comes With Optional Lid & Plinth Band


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The Staffordshire silver plated trophy cup comes on a quality base. The clean lines and decorated handles are fitting with the luxury design and appeal of the award. This luxury trophy cup range comes in 5 sizes:

  • 486C 10″ 25.5cm £270 Cup only
  • 486D 11.5″ 29cm £325 Cup only
  • 486F 13.5″ 35.5cm £515 Cup only
  • 486G 16.5″ 42cm £810 Cup only
  • 486H 19.25″ 49cm £1295 Cup only

Optional Plinth Band for engraving add to cup price

  • 486C 10″ 25.5cm £60 Plinth Band only
  • 486D 11.5″ 29cm £75 Plinth Band only
  • 486F 14″ 35.5cm £100 Plinth Band only
  • 486G 16.5″ 42cm £100 Plinth Band only
  • 486H 19.25″ 49cm £130 Plinth Band only

Optional Lid for engraving add to cup price

  • 486C 12.25″ £85 Lid only
  • 486D 14.75″ £110 Lid only
  • 486F 17″ £140 Lid only
  • 486G 21″ £190 Lid only
  • 486H 24.25″ £270 Lid only

*Please note that cups are measured from the very bottom of the base to the top of the cup.

This Staffordshire silver plated trophy cup is manufactured by Swatkins est. 1898, and comes in 5 sizes and is the perfect award for any event, where a luxury prize or award is required. The award is handmade in Britain and comes with a lifetime warranty as part of Swatkins’ prestige collection. The award can be given to an individual or can represent a major win or achievement for an organisation or team. This luxury trophy cup is perfect for use as an annual award as the winners and their respective years can be engraved onto the plinth band which comes optionally attached with the award at competitive prices for all sizes, this band can hold many years on it ensuring the award is good value for money and is current for many years to come, helping to preserve the history of your club or organisation. The Staffordshire silver plated trophy cup is professionally silver-plated and the quality of the award is clearly visible even at a distance, which is perfect if you wish to attract attention at your event, especially if photographers are present. If the award is set up prominently at the event, visitors may also share photos of the award on social media, helping advertise and build hype up for your event, club or organisation for free. The design is classic yet modern and stylish, and provides the perfect border for your logo or artwork to be placed on the face of the cup.

The quality and appropriate size of the award are perfect metaphors for the weight of the win and the passion for your sport or company, reflecting these values in a good light at your event. After your event the award can be kept on a shelf or in a trophy cabinet, the plinth band can store years of names making this range of trophy cups an ideal purchase.


Size Required

486C 10", 486D 11.5", 486F 14", 486G 16.5", 486H 19.25"

Engraving Requirements


Plinth Band Required


Lid Required


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