How to Choose a Corporate Gift

Here at Wessex Trophies, we understand that in the corporate world image is vital.  We are led by a designer, master engraver and project manager whom as a team will ensure your order is fulfilled to the highest standard on time, accurately and to budget. Depending on the occasion we can offer a plethora of designs, from crystal decanters to medals to trophy cups (presentation cups) to personalised pocket watches. Depending on budget and event, we may even offer you bespoke-made awards where the sky is the limit to the design possibilities.

Choosing an Engraved Corporate Gift

We have over a decade’s experience in the industry and we have an extensive network of experts throughout the UK who can assist you to design an awards event beyond your expectations. We have provided for, and worked with, the world’s largest brands and you can read our case studies here. Should you decide to work with us, please contact us via email or over the phone and we will get straight back to you, with advice on, or a free quotation of, engraved corporate gifts.

Engraved Corporate Gifts

If you would like to read our advice about finding the perfect award, then continue reading below where we provide our 7 tips to choosing a corporate gift:

  1. Size – possibly the most important factor to consider. If the award is significantly smaller in size than previous rewards, or even worse, smaller than those at the same venue, this can very easily give the wrong impression to the recipient that you do not value their achievements as much as others – this is why careful planning is essential for these venues.
  2. Company Colours & Artwork – image is vital and an award is a perfect visual way to represent the uniqueness of your organisation and reflect the values it stands for; this is becoming increasingly necessary to factor into consideration these days. Further, if you wish to feature your company logo, then this limits the possibilities slightly as not all awards can fit artwork in.
  3. Shape – the shape is one of the first things the recipient and venue audience notices, as different shapes convey vastly different emotions and social signals, and although this is usually intuitive, we can help advise you on our recommended designs based on your industry.
  4. Colour & Material – similar to company colours, the colour is particularly important, especially if the award is a significant colour such as gold, silver or bronze which have firm connotations. Even if the awards are identical other than one is gold and the other is silver, the gold will have a higher perceived value which may cause upset at your event which must be avoided at all costs. The same is also true of material, a silver-plated award will have a higher value than a nickel-plated; and both will have greater value than a plastic award.
  5. Presentation Box or Backing – it is essential to consider how the award is presented. Is it to be stored in a silk-lined presentation box, mounted onto a base or is it framed on a wooden backing, or stored safely in a trophy cabinet?
  6. Location – is the award for outside or indoors? Not all awards can withstand conditions outside and would need to be appropriately stored inside. We offer a wide range of external awards, such as brass plaques for wooden benches.
  7. Environmental Impact – like company image, this is highly valued in this decade, and it is worth considering the environmental impact of your award. Perhaps the award could be reused in the next venue with an annual engraving, or we can also offer a wide range of biodegradable and recycled awards, such as those made from bamboo.

We hope this will help you in choosing an engraved corporate gift and it would be our pleasure to work with you and your organisation, please contact us anytime for a free quotation or advice.

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