Fabulous Nickel Plated Claret Jug Or Golf Champion Trophy


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The award comes in the following sizes:

  • NP1558B 9.5″ 24.5cm £120.00
  • NP1558C 12″ 31cm £135.00
  • NP1558D 14″ 35.5cm £195.00

*Please note that cups/jugs are measured from the very bottom of the base to the top of the cup.

This fabulous nickel plated claret jug may also be known as a golf champion trophy, and it comes in 3 sizes. It is the perfect gift for any golf club, golfer or golfing fan; in our opinion it would also make a lovely retirement gift. The award can be given to an individual or can represent a major win or achievement for an organisation or team. The claret jug has a large space in the centre of the award, where the eyes are naturally drawn, where your logo, name or any artwork or text can be engraved.

This award is high quality and it is sure to represent your club or event in a positive light, even at a distance. The weight and intricate design are perfect metaphors for the weight of the win and the passion for your event or sport. The quality of the award is clearly visible even at a distance, which is perfect if you wish to attract attention at your event, especially if photographers are present. If the award is set up prominently at the event, visitors may also share photos of the award on social media, helping advertise and build hype up for your event, club or organisation for free. The nickel plated claret jug is perfect for use as an annual award, as the plinth band can store many names and years, making it an ideal purchase. The award can be stored for many years and the artwork on the face of the claret jug will ensure it is highly visible when stored in a trophy cabinet or on a shelf.

The nickel plated claret jugs come on a quality base to ensure that the awards stay upright and to protect them from damage. The decorated handles are fitting with the luxury design and appeal of the award.

Size Required

NP1558B 9.5", NP1558C 12", NP1558D 14"

Engraving Requirements


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