Medal Name Bar 45mm Gold Bar Back ENGRAVED


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We have in the past found sourcing quality medal bars a challenge, which is why we now source them ourselves, guaranteeing their quality meets our high standards. The engraving is completed in-house by a master craftsman who takes enormous pride in his work. In addition to the standard engraving, which is the most common, there is also the ability to add a coloured infill, in the following colours: black, blue or red.

*Please let us know whether you require capitals or title case, and whether your text should be over one line or two.

There are many names for a medal bar, you may also hear it called a official jewel name bar, ribbon bar, name bar, chain of office bar, Slider or ceremonial medal bar. Whatever you wish to call them they are a wonderful award to commemorate an individual and log a record of their names and years of service. Medal bars are the perfect choice for mayors and presidents, chains of office, masonic leaders or anyone of significant importance whose name needs to be remembered. In the past we have produced medal bars for mayors and celebrities such as Roy Hudd OBE to commemorate his death, and it was worn by Paul O’Grady MBE.

Our larger size medal bars come in gold, a colour guaranteed to impress. The medal bars are solid brass with gold coloured coating, which ensures quality and longevity. Further, gold can be a neutral colour when contrasted with a ribbon of most colours, as shown in the example image which uses a dark green ribbon.

Our medal bars are 45mm wide and 10mm deep (this is 4.5cm by 1cm or 1.75″ by 0.39″) which is a slightly larger size to our standard. Having supplied medal bars for so many years we also have stock of miscellaneous sizes and shapes, so please contact us if you are concerned your ribbon won’t fit. All our medal bars (except the pin backed bars) come with a secure loop to thread to your ribbon, which can be seen in our second product image.

Weight 0.0075 kg
Dimensions 4 × 0.85 × 0.6 cm
Engraving Requirements


Infill Required

No Infill, Blue, Black, Red

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