Different Engraving Methods

Here at Wessex Trophies, we are very proud to offer a wide selection of bespoke services. Our team is led by a master engraver with over a decade’s experience and is overseen by a project manager who will ensure all orders are completed on time, accurately and to budget.

Different Types of Engraving

We understand that the different types of engraving methods can be confusing and you may be unsure what you need to have done to achieve the desired result.

Different Engraving Methods

If you would like advice, please contact us and we will help you and provide a free quotation on the styles available and on the items of your choice. Otherwise, if you would like a brief explanation of our different engraving methods, please continue reading below:

  1. Traditional engraving – This involves using a machine equipped with a diamond tip which draws over the surface of the object like a pen, replicating the text or artwork onto it, this method is sometimes also known as ‘diamond drag’.
  2. Glass Engraving – glass can be either engraved using diamond drag, but may also be done using a sandblaster, where a template is created and placed over the glass then for a jet of sand to be fired at the glass from a hose, drawing the text or artwork onto the glass award. Our team are experts and will make the decision to use either diamond drag or the sandblaster on your behalf in order to achieve the best result. We can also offer coloured engraving onto specific eligible glass if required. Many trophy stores only use one method. However, we are equipped to choose the best method for each individual award – one of the many reasons you should choose us.
  3. Sublimation engraving – This is an incredibly versatile method and can be used for many different award types, both large and small. It involves using specialist inks and a heat press where the colour is pressed onto the metal sheet printing the artwork onto it. Sublimation engraving is a fantastic choice to replicate logos or artwork as colour can be introduced.
  4. Brass Engraving – we offer brass engraving for both internal and external use; which can be mounted onto a wall or bench, or placed onto a wooden backing. We use a specialist brass cutter to engrave the text or image onto the plaque. We also offer replica brass (traffolyte), which is a hard plastic that mimics the look of brass for a cheaper alternative.

We hope that now you have had each of the engraving methods explained, it will help you to match what you are looking for with one of our professional services.  However, our team are aways happy to help if you would like any extra information or advice on the exact service that will get you the results you require.

Engraving Methods Explained