Gold Tower Trophy Cup Huge With Columns


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The award comes in 3 sizes:

  • TR22519A 59cm or 23″ £110
  • TR22519B 64cm or 25″ £140
  • TF22519C 70cm or 27.5″ £155

*Please note that awards are measured from the very bottom of the base to the top of the cup.

This gold tower trophy cup from the goliath range comes in 3 sizes and is the perfect trophy or award for a venue or tournament where you want to make a scene. The award is perfect for an annual award or the final of your event as the design is large and clearly visible and appears highly prestigious. This can help promote and create hype surrounding your future events, as it is the perfect award to set up at a selfie or social media station to build a social media presence and advertise for free.

The gold tower trophy cup is large (the smallest size is 23″ tall)

The column design, Large and impressive, with great weight. The bottom of the award in the centre shows a gold star shooting upwards, this is the space for a centre of your choice which can be either your own logo or artwork for the event, or we can alternatively provide a generic centre for your sport should you prefer. The figure on top of the cup can also be changed to a quality design representing your sport. There is then space on the wooden base of the award for engraving of your choice, perhaps displaying the name of the award and the club’s name (but may also show the winning team’s or recipient’s name if you know this in advance)

Size Required

TR15586A 23", TR15586B 25", TR15586C 26.5"

Engraving Requirements


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