Silversmith & Repairs

Local Service:

Here at Wessex Trophies, we believe not only in providing a quality and unbeatable service, but also in empowering the local Poole and Dorset community. By using local talent, we are able to supervise the treatment of your award and minimise the risk of damage or loss through the post. We have worked with and been loyal to our silversmith for many years and we can vouch for his experience, as it is obvious when looking at the quality of his portfolio.

Help Preserve Your History:

We specialise in modern, traditional as well as antique items for Repairs, Plating and Finishing. We love it when we can restore an old, loved and valued item to its former glory and we love to preserve the history engraved into it for future generations at your club, organisation or school. It is important to us to protect the environment by recycling and restoring these items, and we will work with you to find a cost effective way to do this.

Free Quotation In Store:

Please come and bring your item into our shop and we will examine it for you and give you a free quotation. Once we have spoken to the silversmith we will provide his advice for the work required.